Thursday, March 29, 2012

How The Soda Screamer Came To Be

{By MaTisha H, founder and director of our favorite half-marathon}

After having my 4th child, I had high blood pressure and was 100 pounds overweight.  One day a friend of mine said she wanted to run a half- marathon, and without hesitation I said I wanted to join her.  I had never run before in my life, but was so excited to take on this new adventure.  It didn’t take long to become completely hooked!  In just a few short months, I had dropped the extra 100 pounds and my blood pressure was amazing.  I looked forward to running every day!  In January of 2008 I ran my first half-marathon (Carlsbad, California) and loved every minute of it.  I found that I really loved traveling and competing and did so every chance I could get. 

Another friend of mine kept me company on my training runs.  We had discussed how much fun it would be to do a race together, but because of time and money it was impossible for her.  It started me thinking…thinking about how I could make this happen for her and for all the people along this journey that wished they could do it to, but felt they couldn’t.  My heart reached out to them.  I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to see that if you put your mind to it…All things are possible!  I wanted to bring our community together by helping them be more healthy, strong & happy.  This is how the “SCREAMER” came to be. 

A Halloween themed half-marathon was chosen so everyone could dress up and be whoever they want to be.  To come and laugh, relieve stress and most of all….HAVE FUN! 

On October 30, 2009 the trial run of The Soda “SCREAMER”Thirteener took place.  It was a lot of fun and very successful!  The next couple years to follow have been very rewarding as I have watched this event grow and transform right before my eyes.  It has been so much fun to hear and read participants talk about how much they enjoy this race, and it has been very humbling to see all of the very generous people in this community volunteer their time and services to help.  Because of this I have met some wonderful friends.  They all mean so much to me.

Preparing an event like this takes a lot of time and preparation.  Something that has been very challenging when trying to be a wife, mother, train and tackle all the other duties in life.  I feel life has been stretched a little too thin and it is time to make a change.  I am excited to say that Lorraine Myers will be taking my place!  I have enjoyed working with her as my trusty sidekick and love my newfound friendship with her.  She has been my right hand man and is an amazing lady.  She has been a great help in making each year successful.  I know she is just what this race needs and will do a wonderful job.  It has been great to see the fun changes that have been made already.    

These last few years have helped me grow in more ways than I could ever have imagined.  It has given me confidence to try new things and in August 2011 I achieved the goal of finishing my first triathlon.  I am now training for a second one which will take place this summer, and already I am saying, “What can I accomplish next!?”  It is amazing to me what our bodies are capable of.  

You can do anything!  You just have to WANT IT! 

I would like to thank everyone for their support.  This event has been successful because of YOU!  Thank you all for being a part of this event . . . if 2012 is your first year to try the Screamer, you won't regret it!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 Registration OPEN!

Are you ready for the 2012 Soda Screamer Thirteener?  You've got seven months to train for the running event of the year!  Registration is now open, and the price is set at $50 per person until June, when it goes up $5 every month until the end of September.

This half marathon gets more fun every year, and this year is no exception!  Since the 13.1-mile race is held a few weeks before Halloween (Saturday, October 13th) runners and volunteers are all encouraged to wear costumes.  This year the theme is superheroes!  So grab your mask, lace up your action boots, and fasten your cape: you'll love flying through our fabulous course in Idaho's running town!